Half Round Buildings

Originally designed for hay and farm storage, half round buildings are now seen in many forms, and their adaptability means they are ideal for calf-rearing, workshops, machinery storage and many other uses.

The standard half round building is 8.7m wide. Our size range also includes a smaller option of the 5m arch and the massive 12m arch. Length increases in bays of 3m or 3.6m.

The individual options for your half round building can include blank ends, sliding or roller doors, clearlight panels for natural lighting, person doors, lean-tos, and spouting.


Features and benefits

  • Variety of sizes
  • Straight section at ground entry gives more usable space
  • No obstructions in roof space maximises the height of the usable area
  • Bigger foundations make ours the most rigid barn on the market
  • Profiled end flashings supplied as standard, not an extra
  • Most cost effective option for maximum door clearance


  • Colour steel or zinc
  • Bay lengths 3m or 3.6m
  • Concrete floor
  • Kitset or erected
  • Clearlight panels
  • Blank end
  • Doors - sliding/roller/person
  • Lean-tos - 3m to 6m wide, open or closed in
  • Height extension
  • Straight sides
  • Spouting
  • Mezzanine floor
  • Side entry
  • Windows in end walls
  • Your choice of cladding on end walls


Is Round or Gable best for me?

Round vs Gable

  • Round is the most cost effective ground cover
  • Fewer components means faster construction
  • Most cost effective option for maximum door clearance

Gable vs Round

  • Huge design variations
  • More usable wall space
  • Tailor-made to best suit individual requirements

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